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Zia Cantina

Camazotz Hot Sauce

Camazotz Hot Sauce

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Welcome to our series of sauce dedicated to the cryptid legend# of the Southwest, The Kʼiche', a Mayan people, are the original inhabitants of the Guatemalan Highlands, their culture flourished long before the Spanish conquest. Scholars believe they fused the tale of the bat god with that of their fire god to create the truly terrifying Camazotz.

 We created this sauce from the terrifying trio of 7-Pot Primo, Moruga Scorpion, and Scotch Bonnet Chiles. This is the hottest sauce in our line, flavorful to be sure, but only to seasoned Chileheads. Enjoy!


Chiles (7 Pot Primo, Yellow Moruga Scorpion, Red Scotch Bonnet, Hatch Lumbre), Distilled Vinegar, Onion Puree, Carrot Puree, Garlic Puree, Tomato Paste.

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