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Enchantment Gourmet

Gold Medal Chili & Taco Mix

Gold Medal Chili & Taco Mix

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This blend of earthy chiles makes a great pot of Chili, but can be used to spice up most any dish. Thicken soups, stews and queso, anywhere you want to add a New Mexican flair! 

Enchantment Gourmet brings tradition in every bite of every product. Made with Chiles grown in the Hatch and Mesilla Valley, these time-tested recipes are the culmination of over 22 years in the specialty food industry.

 Developed with tradition and the finest New Mexican product available by John "CaJohn" Hard, a Hot Sauce Hall of Famer who has been an avid student of New Mexico cuisine his entire career. A career that was born in Albuquerque at the Fiery Food Show in February 1997.

 John and Sue Hard now reside in Las Cruces and have brought their knowledge and their passion to develop these products worthy of the heritage and practice of fine New Mexico cuisine.


Chiles (Hatch, Ancho, Guajillo, Pasilla, Cayenne), Rice Flour, Onion, Garlic, Cumin, Mexican Oregano, Black Pepper, Salt, Spices.

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