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Enchantment Gourmet

New Mexico Hot Sauce

New Mexico Hot Sauce

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From the Land of Enchantment we bring you the finest chile that the Hatch Valley has to offer. This line of sauce is blended to produce a true taste of New Mexico cuisine. Many of the chiles we use were developed here at NMSU by the Chile Pepper Institute. We combine them with the finest of select ingredients to produce a depth of flavor that is unmatched! We believe you will find these products are a great accompaniment to any food. Pour it on or use it in your cooking, your satisfaction is guaranteed!


Chiles (Hatch Green Chile, Hatch Orizaba Jalapeños, Hatch Red Chile, Flaming Flare Fresno), Chile Powder (Hatch Lumbre, Hatch Miss Junie, Ancho), Apple Cider Vinegar, Distilled Vinegar, Lime Juice, Garlic Purée, Roasted Garlic Purée, Onion Purée, Agave Nectar, Brown Sugar, Cumin, Sea Salt, Mexican Oregano.

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